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7 April 1989
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Humanity is something to be surpassed.

"yiri delivers." --hep

"amazing ruby/C/asm hacker" --weev

"Your life is like is a movie." --playdur

"(he's) fucking turned into Spider." --knightpanda

"the sort of guy who could have 10 girls, all knowing about eachother despite not being meant to, and they'd hate it but be unable to resist him." --peanuthorst

"the only person ED irc ever helped." --tres_faux

"you're a hard man. Were you always like this?" --xony_kookie

"a crocodile is like yirimyah, because it wants to drown you and rip you into tiny pieces." --cabsy

"(you remind me of a submarine) because you're alone and you're hidden. until you shoot a fucking torpedo." --nornagon

"...chaos surrounds you. It's like stepping into (the) twilight zone... everything changes, becomes more intense, more dramatic, more important... I don't know how you do it." -lovers_girl_rin

"I saw purple." -lovers_girl_rin

"I like you." --spentdays

"You must be divinely favored. Or have a guardian angel. Or something. -Carol

"You could outtalk a politician. Doesn't make you right." -zarathustra
"Yes, it does." -yirimyah

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